{ Hello Melbourne }

Hello Melbourne
My husband and I have moved once again, this time to beautiful Melbourne, Australia! We spent two wonderful years in Europe and we will forever treasure the amazing friendships made and adventures we had. Now, a new chapter in our lives start in Australia and we are just as excited for what this journey will hold.

Photos by Design Loving

{ The place I call home }

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa
It feels like forever since my last post, I’ve been MIA on the blogosphere for two reasons…

Firstly, I went home to South Africa for a long overdue visit. It was amazing not only to see my family and friends again, but also because it made me remember why I love South Africa so much! The beautiful scenery made me feel so at home. Africa really does run in my veins and it’s nice to be reminded about it when living so far away.

The second reason is that I’m busy preparing for another big move; my husband and I are relocating to another country, across continents…AGAIN. We are both excited about our move but also a bit nervous, it’s a fun new adventure but with it inevitably comes a few challenges.

Later this week I’ll let you know which country we will be moving to, so watch this space!

Photos by Design Loving

{ Design Loving Collection # 2 }

Design Loving Collection #2
Shop these lovelies here:
One: Colourfield Collage Cushion from Anthropologie.eu
Two: Rainbow Bunting Cake Flags from Poketo
Three: Laguiole Cheese Knife Set from Anthropologie.eu
Four: Graphic Diner Apron from ModCloth
Five: Le Creuset Demi Kettle from Zappos.com
Six: Kitchen & Co. from Anthropologie.eu
Seven: Oenophilia Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers from Zappos.com
Eight: Porcelain Chemistery Flask Small & Large from Ferm Living

Inspiration Photo by Design Loving

{ Zsolt Vidak : Greetings from Budapest }

Hungarian Illustrator Zsolt Vidak
On our recent trip to Budapest we were looking for shelter from the rain and stumbled upon this awesome art & design shop called Rododendron. Here I discovered the work of Hungarian illustrator Zsolt Vidak and I instantly fell in love with his amazing colour palette and illustration style. I bought the top print called “Greetings from Budapest” and I can’t wait to hang it on my wall. If you are interested in seeing more of his great work visit his website or shop for a print here or here.

{ A Fascinating City Escape }

Budapest City Getaway

Budapest City Getaway
I’ve just come back from a short city trip to Budapest, Hungary and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was blown away by this city that is rich in history and coloured with breath-taking views in shades of amber, burgundy and teal. With great food, friendly locals, interesting sights and reasonable prices I would definitely recommend Budapest for a city getaway.

Photos by Design Loving

{ Beautiful objects by Seung-Yong Song }

Rong Portable Light by Seung-Yong Song

V4 Vases by Seung-Yong Song
Seeing beautiful and cleverly designed products always puts a smile on my face and these gorgeous objects by Seoul based designer Seung-Yong Song have done just that. I love his clever use of scale, materials and play between light and heavy, delicate and bold. The top image features his Rong portable lights and the bottom his V4 vases. Check out more of Song's work here.