Spanish Friday : { Mercat de La Boqueria }

La Boqueria is one of Barcelona’s most famous food markets. Located on La Rambla, this market is not only a very popular tourist attraction, but also a culinary emporium for locals, chefs and food lovers alike.

The Market has gone through several phases over the years and is said to date back to the early 1200’s when it was located near the old city gate. To this day, the market has continued to create a community of bustling vendors and shoppers who mingle, eat, gossip and enjoy the finest selection of fresh produce.

As a tourist, this is a great place to put together your own affordable lunch in an otherwise expensive city. From fresh fruit smoothies, to fruit salads, veggies and the finest selection of jamón and cheeses, La Boqueria is definitely the go-to place for not only a great lunch but also a great experience.

Photos by Design Loving

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