{ Beautiful objects by Seung-Yong Song }

Rong Portable Light by Seung-Yong Song

V4 Vases by Seung-Yong Song
Seeing beautiful and cleverly designed products always puts a smile on my face and these gorgeous objects by Seoul based designer Seung-Yong Song have done just that. I love his clever use of scale, materials and play between light and heavy, delicate and bold. The top image features his Rong portable lights and the bottom his V4 vases. Check out more of Song's work here.

{ Sylvia Pichler's SS12 Collection }

Zilla Bags by Sylvia Pichler
Sylvia Pichler, the designer behind the Italian label Zilla has once again created a beautiful bag collection for this season. The SS12 collection showcases her trademark organic textures from knitted linen to jute yarn and leather. I previously blogged about her amazing sponge and cork bags if you would like to have a peek here.

{ The Trashcam Project }

Every now and then a project comes along that totally blows my mind, and this one does just that! The Trashcam Project sees Hamburg’s garbagemen using their garbage containers as giant pinhole cameras to capture their favourite spots in the city they love and work hard to keep clean. Not only is the process remarkable - with exposure time ranging from a few minutes to over an hour and no viewfinder to help with composition, the results are astonishing. The images are crisp, beautifully atmospheric with amazing tonal variation. You can visit The Trashcam Project flickr page to see more of their amazing work. I certainly can’t wait to see more!

Credits: The Trashcam Project was developed by Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz & Friends Berlin and the Hamburg Sanitation Department with the help from Hamburg based photographer Matthias Hewing.

{ Hanging Chair by MUT }

Nautica Chair by MUT
The Nautica Chair designed by MUT forms part of their 2012 product range, which was recently showcased at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Inspired by light reflecting on the ocean, this chair looks like the perfect way to sit back, relax and at least pretend like you’re on a beach holiday.

For more on MUT visit their website or read about their amazing Leaf Swing and Roots Planters here.

{ Serious Drawings }

drawings by Marc Johns

drawings by Marc Johns
Some seriously awesome drawings by Marc Johns to brighten up your day! Go here for more of his great work and here to buy an original.