{ Mighty Type }

Anna Garforth has an amazing talent for transforming everyday spaces and materials into Typographic works of wonder. Whether it be moss, masking tape, leaves or cookie dough, Garforth’s magic fingers create memorable messages that evoke social change.

Anna Garforth Play More

‘Play More’ was commissioned by Netherlands’ local arts organisation. In this piece Garforth aimed to break up the heavy architectural landscape with bursts of typographic colour to encourage play outside of designated play zones.

Anna Garforth wild at heart

‘Wild at Heart’ was created in rural Catalunya, Spain. Garforth used Masking Tape as her material and a wire fence as her grid.

‘Rethink’ was created to promote green street art and was filmed by Arte TV, Germany.

{ Knit Wit }

Claire-Anne O'Brien knitted stool

Oh my! I would love one of these knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien. Inspired by knit stitches like rings and loops in exaggerated form, these stools are sure to be a talking point in any room. The tactile nature of these stools are so alluring, I feel like hugging them. Seriously.

{ Today }

I have never been THIS excited about sitting on a couch! Eight weeks ago my husband and I moved to Antwerp, Belgium and although an airbed and two Ikea chairs have served us well, I cannot wait for our furniture that’s finally arriving today! YAY!

{ Stash Bags }

Need some vintage fashion for your electronics? From Messenger bags to iPad sleeves and iPhone cases... awesomeness in tweed and plaid over on Stash Bags!

{ NYFW Cinemagraphs }

For the past week I’ve been following New York Fashion Week through the lens of Jamie Beck, and WOW what an amazing photographer! I’ve so enjoyed her unique perspective and ability to capture the spellbinding atmosphere.

These NYFW cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are just perfect! To indulge in some more exquisite photography, visit Jamie’s blog and cinemagraph site. Happy weekend!

{ Urban Knitting }

On my way to the shops yesterday I stumbled across this display of urban knitting. It totally made my day! There is no way you can walk past it and not smile!

Urban Knitting

Have you ever been part of an urban knitting team? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Photos by Design Loving

{ I want some Muuto }

Muuto is a design company that showcases the best of Scandinavian design, with collaboration from selected designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Inspired by the Finnish word ‘Muutos’ meaning change or new perspective, Muuto creates a platform where designers are free to express their personal design philosophy and refreshing perspective of everyday objects. This design freedom fosters an environment where household objects turn into works of art and allows for a new generation of Nordic designers to be part of a notable Scandinavian design heritage.

1.  PLUS – Salt & Pepper Grinder by Norway Says
2.  CLOSELY SEPARATED – Vase by Michael Geertsen
3.  BULKY – Tea Set by Jonas Wagell
4.  FLOW – Jug by Jakob Wagner
5.  STACKED – Shelf System by JDS Architects

What do you think? Do you need some Muuto too? Follow the link to their home page and check out the cute animation by clicking on the image.

{ Write a Bike }

How super cool are these bikes! ‘Write a Bike’ is a personal design project by Swiss Art Director Juri Zaech. I really hope that these bikes go into production one day. I’d love to have one of my own! Visit Juri’s Behance page to see more bikes and his awesome typographic work.

{ Crumpled City Maps }

Exploring the streets of Antwerp the other day, I found myself in utter embarrassment as I tried to figure out where I was on a map twice my size. The wind was blowing, the map was all over the place and it felt like I was screaming to the world: “Look everyone I’m a lost tourist”. I tried to act cool and get the map back in my bag in one swift, confident motion and get to where I was heading…but no…I couldn’t get the damn map to fold on its original creases. The map and I were going at it head to head.

You can imagine my sheer excitement when I discovered Crumpled City Maps. Oh, how wonderful, a map that you can crumple up, chuck in your bag, get wet and find all the hot spots in the city. Sounds perfect. It might drive some people crazy, but I love it! What do you think? Do you like your maps neatly folded or would you love to be able to chuck a map in your bag too?

{ Tea... }

It makes everything better! Don't you think?

From top to bottom:

•  Brew up print from Keep Calm Gallery
•  One cup more tea towl from Anthropologie.eu
•  Le Creuset Traditional & Kone kettles from Le Creuset
•  Tea revives you tea towl from Keep Calm Gallery
•  Everyone came to tea tea towl from Skinny laMinx

{ Emmadime : Knitted }

Talking of getting excited about autumn! How awesome is the knit-wear by Emmadime : Knitted. Do yourself a favour and go check out her shop. I'm most definitely hinting about these lovelies come Christmas time!

{ Just around the corner }

Well, the evidence is there that autumn is just around the corner. Though I’m slightly jealous that my southern hemisphere friends are heading into spring, there are definitely a few things I’m looking forward to. To name a few:
•  Beautiful coats
•  Knitted scarves

•  Tights and leather boots
•  Hot chocolate
•  Cosy blankets
•  Snuggling 

•  Warm comfort food

What are you looking forward to in the season to come?

Photo by Design Loving

{ Hello Belgium }

WOW! This post is way overdue! Since my last post, my husband and I packed up in Spain, went back to South Africa to pack up there, do a crazy amount of paper work, say our goodbyes and move to Belgium. Now we’re here, and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome than Antwerp Central Station. It is honestly the most beautiful station I have ever seen. So thank you Antwerp…first impressions really do last.

Photos by Design Loving