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When I first stumbled across Wishbone Design Studio it absolutely made my day. Not only did I find their story and brand vision remarkable, their ingenious, design rich products blew me away. Wishbone aims to create sustainable kids’ products with a strong focus on design, style and imagination. Currently in their product line is the Wishbone Bike and due to launch around June is the Wishbone Flip.

The Wishbone Bike grows with your kids. Starting at age 1 with three wheels, the bike can later be converted to a two-wheel balance bike and by age 4 to 5 the ‘wishbone’ frame is flipped to become a running bike. If that’s not super cool I don’t know what is!

The Wishbone Bike is also available in the Wollemi and Koru limited edition series, which features original artwork inspired by various environmental topics.

The Wishbone Flip is also aimed at the age group 1-5 and is a convertible rocking and rolling toy.

For more information or to locate a store near you visit the Wishbone site here.

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