Spanish Friday : { Adiós Zaragoza }

For the past 10 months my husband and I have been living in Zaragoza, Spain, and it is sadly time to say goodbye. It has been such an amazing experience, and we will treasure the wonderful friendships made, the beautiful places we’ve seen and vibrant culture we’ve experienced.

During our stay here we’ve had some challenging times, especially adjusting to an environment where there’s very little to no English spoken. I’ve had some very embarrassing moments trying to explain myself, from telling a stranger I loved them, to using very creative hand gestures to communicate, not to mention the mortified blank stare when you have absolutely no idea what someone is trying to tell you. Looking back at these moments I can only laugh.

On the upside there have been so many things that have more than made up for these challenges, some of the things I will miss most about Zaraogoza is Amorino ice-cream, chocolate and churros, café con leche, the tapas bars in el Tubo, Rioja wine, the interesting alleys and street side cafés in the old town, shopping in Independencia, beautiful Spanish architecture, siesta, walking around a buzzing city at midnight and experiencing crazy festivals. Most importantly though, being able to share this with wonderful friends from all over the world. We will miss you dearly.

The Basílica del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain.

Next, we are off to our home country South Africa before moving to Belgium, so watch this space for some awesome Belgian design.

Photos by Design Loving

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