{ Crumpled City Maps }

Exploring the streets of Antwerp the other day, I found myself in utter embarrassment as I tried to figure out where I was on a map twice my size. The wind was blowing, the map was all over the place and it felt like I was screaming to the world: “Look everyone I’m a lost tourist”. I tried to act cool and get the map back in my bag in one swift, confident motion and get to where I was heading…but no…I couldn’t get the damn map to fold on its original creases. The map and I were going at it head to head.

You can imagine my sheer excitement when I discovered Crumpled City Maps. Oh, how wonderful, a map that you can crumple up, chuck in your bag, get wet and find all the hot spots in the city. Sounds perfect. It might drive some people crazy, but I love it! What do you think? Do you like your maps neatly folded or would you love to be able to chuck a map in your bag too?

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