{ I want some Muuto }

Muuto is a design company that showcases the best of Scandinavian design, with collaboration from selected designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Inspired by the Finnish word ‘Muutos’ meaning change or new perspective, Muuto creates a platform where designers are free to express their personal design philosophy and refreshing perspective of everyday objects. This design freedom fosters an environment where household objects turn into works of art and allows for a new generation of Nordic designers to be part of a notable Scandinavian design heritage.

1.  PLUS – Salt & Pepper Grinder by Norway Says
2.  CLOSELY SEPARATED – Vase by Michael Geertsen
3.  BULKY – Tea Set by Jonas Wagell
4.  FLOW – Jug by Jakob Wagner
5.  STACKED – Shelf System by JDS Architects

What do you think? Do you need some Muuto too? Follow the link to their home page and check out the cute animation by clicking on the image.

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