{ Meet MUT }

MUT is a design studio based in Valencia, Spain and is composed of a multidisciplinary team who share an enthusiasm for expressing everyday life through surprising & imaginative creations.

MUT is committed to creating a line of furniture which is not only practical but also has a strong emotional charge linked to different elements of nature.

LEAF is an adult swing designed by Alberto Sánchez. This swing, inspired by falling leaves in autumn, was created to evoke special childhood memories and is at its most beautiful where the sun can cast delicate shadows through its unique design. I can just imagine!

ROOTS is a modular planting system designed by Alberto Sánchez. Inspired by traditional trellises, the ROOTS flowerpots allow one to create unique mini-gardens in any location. By creating your own composition, you are able to create a modular garden for your kitchen, small apartment or even use it as an interesting room divider – How fabulous is that!?

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