{ The Selby }

Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley // Designers at their office and home in New York City

Hitoshi Uchida-san // Owner of J'Antiques Tokyo and his family at their home in Kamakura, Japan

Charlotte Rust // Stylist and vintage store owner at her home in Auckland, New Zealand 

I am a huge fan of The Selby. If you don’t know it yet, make yourself a cup of coffee and go get lost in the world of interior eye candy.

Todd Selby is the creator behind The Selby and what started in 2008 as a website to document photo shoots of his friends and their insanely awesome homes, soon became one of the most popular go-to sites for unique interior design inspiration. Today, Selby gets requests from people all over the world to feature their homes and the result is one of the most interesting documentations of homes and the stylish people they belong to.

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