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Outstanding in the Field
Outstanding in the Field
Outstanding in the Field
Outstanding in the Field, founded by Jim Denevan, started as a series of farm dinners in Santa Cruz, California. Since then, it has evolved into a travelling farm dinner series with Outstanding in the Field hosting over 90 events a year.

Outstanding in the Field aims to re-connect diners to the land and origins of their food, and at the same time celebrates the farmers, food artisans and chefs who work hard to transform harvests into creative feasts.

Each event starts with a tour of the location, whether it is a mountaintop, sea cove, island or ranch and ends in an exquisite setting with a grand table shared by farmers, producers, chefs and diners.

To take part in this wonderful celebration, visit their schedule here. January 2012 sees Outstanding in the Field in Hawaii for the first time, with 4 dinners at 4 farms on 4 islands. How Fabulous!

Photo Credits: Jeremy Fenske

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