{ Happy Weekend }

Happy Weekend Rooftop Party
So this week has been totally crazy and I haven’t got round to blogging! Sorry folks! Here’s to this week being over and having a fabulous weekend. I think the perfect way to start this weekend would be to have an awesome rooftop party. Unfortunately, I’m probably just going to clean my house! Do you have anything awesome planned for the weekend? House cleaning doesn't count!:)

Photo by Design Loving


  1. Great photograph, I've had a hectic week too, haven't really stopped, but it's been great - loads of snowboarding, not enough sleeping! I'm off to have a rooftop party this weekend.... :) Keep up the great work! Katie. xxx

    1. Thanks Katie! WOW, sounds like you had an awesome week & weekend:) On my to-do list is to learn to snowboard...one day:)