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Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore
Maastricht, the Netherlands is home to the Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore. This breathtaking bookstore is housed in a renovated Dominican church dating back to 1294. The infusion of old and new was brilliantly executed by architectural firm Merkx + Girod who managed to highlight the grandeur of the original church and preserve it’s majestic atmosphere by positioning a colossal walk-in steel bookcase asymmetrically in the church. The upper level of the bookcase allows one to experience the church from a new perspective and have a close-up view of the historical murals. A treasure worth uncovering if you ever find yourself in the Netherlands. Plus, how awesome is that door!?

Photos by Design Loving


  1. Used to live in Maastricht. Loved this bookstore. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

    1. I'm glad it brought back some good memories!:) I loved my trip to Maastricht, it is such a beautiful city!